Wood Engraving Machine Manufacturers and suppliers
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Wood Engraving Machine

Our wood engraving machines are effective for cutting and engraving several types of materials across multiple industries. Build with enormous versatility and high industrial standards; they are well-suited for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) as well as individuals.

These machines are technologically vigorous, least prone to breakage and assure consistency in functionality. It comprises of laser technology and a solid steel structure along rigid body which facilitates engraving at a faster pace with low vibration sound. Trouble-free working life and operational efficiency allow the equipment to complete the engraving process quickly.

wood engraving

Working Condition Essentials

Procedure for Operating Machine

Wood Engraving systems are flexible to run either with printers or CNC (Complicated computer numerical control) units that are effective for precision marking and cutting functions. In this regard, a laser cutter is employed by inserting a program into the machine in order to run the cutter.

In addition, a printer along laser cutter is attached with the machine to imprint or engrave the image on wood. Then upload a desired photo into computer and then send command for print; the image will engrave efficiently onto the wood.

Which Type of Wood can be engraved?

Such machines can mark and engrave all types of woods. Some manufacturers use soft woods like balsam and pine. It requires the low power of the laser. Though some customers need to use dense woods, for instance, birch, maple, walnut and exotic hardwoods where you would need the high power of the laser for marking articles.


  • Can be used for wood carving, beautiful decorations, signage, window, door engraving, metal frames, composites’ marking, acrylic marking, kitchen cabinets etc.
  • It is useful for marking sculptures reliefs, seals, badges, panels, wooden jewelry boxes, calligraphy, landscapes and different portraits.
  • Capable for texting, alphabetic and numeric engraving.
  • Used in Prototyping
  • Indoor and Outdoor Signs and 3D Letters
  • The wood engraving machine is widely used across advertisements, toys, shoes and gifts industries.


  • 3D cutting and milling attributes
  • Frequency is high 4HP/6HP spindle with low noise and fewer vibrations.
  • Untrained workers can also operate DSP remote controller for efficient operation.
  • Speed is 3-axis carries Motion controller for efficient engraving y and ensures accuracy.
  • Contains Precision element thus technology allows processing complex shapes.
  • Easy to install

 Technical Details

Model 1325 1530 2030
Operation type CNC engraving
Operational Area XY 1300mm                            x


1500mm x 3000mm 2000mm                  x


Working Area (Z) 200mm or others
Accuracy measures 0.03mm
Repetition level ±0.05mm
3 Axis Motor Control Stepper/Servo
Remote Controller DSP Remote Controller/ NC studio/ Syntec
Interface area USB /PCIMC
Output status 3kw,4.5kw.6kw / air cooling or water cooling
Collet Status ER20/ER25
Material & Substance  Hold Down Vacuum Combined with T slot
Drive System with X and Y Axis  status: Helical Rack & gear transmission Hiwin 20MM rail linear bearing (HGR20)
Drive System of Z Axis area TBI 2505  ballscrew, Hiwin  20MM rail linear bearing (HGR20)
Max Speed of Traveling 30,000mm/min
Operational Voltage C220v3 Phase / 220v1 phase/380v 3 phase
Vacuum System status Manual vacuum valve switch
Commanding  languages G code


The wood engraving equipment carries an ability to transform the materials into something stylish and beautiful. For the wood world, laser wood engraving technology explores fantastic artistic opportunities.

Now, one can design intricate markings without cutting away the materials. The technology allows woodworkers to mark better texts, graphics, patterns and intricate designs. The drawings can be readily etched and cut onto hard and curved surfaces of wood. Many companies across wood industries are exercising this technology into their production process to manufacture distinctive and amazing products for achieving competitive edge in the marketplace.

Wood laser engraving technology allows customization and personalization across every product from book-marks to high-end wooden furniture. An efficient designer with a laser wood-engraving technology can make anything from a wooden case to customized wooden cupboard. He can plaque a logo smartly into surfaces of any wooden products. The woodworkers who are utilizing laser technologies are capable of designing inventive, creative and new stunning products

The technology permits entrepreneurs to create different projects and ventures in wood world industry thus generating more channels to earn revenue.

The bottom line is

The wood engraving machine is highly effective in marking designs, texts, and logos on wooden material. It is packed in a wooden case; however, packing and delivery terms can also be negotiated as per buyer’s requirement.

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