HS-FL30 - HS Marking
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The idea of using light for engraving and marking purpose brings an evolution in the industrial world. This perception takes the industrial and corporate pace too fast and furious. The concept of optical maser came in 1958. However, initial laser functioning was invented after some years. Furthermore, later research and development create new ways of using a laser in marking process. At the beginning of light technology, manufacturers were using flash lamps.


The old mechanism for engraving use glass tubing gas-filled. This process causes short bursts comprised of bright white light. They were easy to install and low cost to use. They use water chiller for heat control. But all these procedures and process require specific temperature and specific environment for execution.

However, laser fiber marking machines function efficiently in any environment. They have longer product lifecycle. Their replacement is also possible with state of the art equipment along multi-benefits. Now fiber laser marking machines have entirely changed the landscape of the marking and engraving industry.


The fiber laser machines hold air cooling potential which gets rid of the water chiller. The laser marking devices does need any consumable for maintaining itself. The diodes have a lifecycle of 50-80,000 hours. Consequently, it enables to a machine to easy installation at any location or premises. There is no need of harsh, rough and tough chemicals during processing of machine. In this way, fiber laser machines deliver high quality.
The traditional and old machines are not able to engrave ceramics and plastics. However, fiber laser machines HS-FL30 can easily mark products of plastics, stainless steel, metals, and ceramics easily.


As the industrial and corporate world moves into the 21st century, the laser engraving software facilitates laser machines to generate the detailed, excellent quality image with error-free identification. With the passage of time, laser technology breaks through the clutter across various industrial and commercial sectors with diverse cleaning facility also with high sterilization temperatures. In this context, laser mechanism allows surface of germ-free for execution.


Therefore, fiber lasers systems are more sophisticated than those who are equipped with the power of 100W. Because fiber laser possesses polarization maintenance and plugs in play turnkey mechanisms.