HS-FL20 - HS Marking
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Branding and identification of the products have become vital in today’s business age. In this context, fiber laser technology walks into the door of B2B and B2C industries. The original equipment manufacturers face a challenge to engrave and brand spare parts of the products. The additional element is small as compared to the original product. It is harder to carve spare part due to its small size. Therefore, HS-FL20 fiber laser marking machines technology allows engraving competence over the spare parts.


HS FL20 systems can smoothly function to mark iPhone and pad printing due to its top-notch mechanism. The machine is durable and versatile. The product lifecycle is more than 30,000 hours. The machine can easily mount and adjust with any the business with the tiny footprint.

Why Manufacturer should use HS-FL20:

The machine is reliable too and encircles a broad range of materials and efficient to produce excellent quality enduring marks.


The machine is resistant to extreme temperatures like sterilization process of surgical and medical devices.
The machine mechanism assures safe procedure with no acids, inks, solvents and no overheat or exploding probability.


The HS-FL20 can efficiently operate via software application thus enables many characters to be engraved in a short span of time.


The machine works with such efficiency that during engraving process it does not leave any mark burn or scratch (some machine gives the error of scratch during finishing process).

As a user, if any manufacturer wants to see the machine. He can see the value proposition as a combination of art and science. The software mechanism of HS FL-20 facilitates the marking of vector graphics, bitmap images, drawings and many more features.


The fiber laser series of HS-FL20 play the crucial role in various industries for doing engraving. They include marking products of medical devices in all shapes and sizes, engraving firearms, jewelry, and parts manufacturing. The mechanism of HS-FL20 is designed in such a way that they support and allow customization. The machine is vital in providing inventory control due to a secure manufacturing facility.