Laser engraving machine for metal by in reasonable prices
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Laser Marking Machine

HS Marking is one of the most reliable suppliers that take pride in serving engraving requirements of manufacturers across different industries. We carry the best marking technologies and machines with ranging variety of products.

Our Laser Marking Machine is a new technology which is now updated with 2D and 3D functions that assure accuracy in designing methods. Laser engraving process includes 2D and 3D marking technology that adds value to the entire process through etching the material and cutting the substance by laser with point to point specification.

The machine’s laser is strong enough to penetrate any metal surface. In this context, it is easy for laser technology to mark all types of metals within the short span of time.


Laser engraving machine operates by leaving readable spots thus creating a contrast between the background and text. In this way, various processes are used for engraving the material that mainly includes etching the surface, carbonization of the material, bleaching the substance, etc. However, two methods are most common for marking articles using laser engraving machine.

Methods For Marking Articles

Engraving Method

In this method, the equipment scratches the material from the surface which results in specula reflection. It is mainly used for metals. The speed and frequency of the machine needs to be optimized up to a certain level when it comes to engraving. Short pulses laser and high power carry out the finest output for marking commodities.

Ablation Method

This method is highly effective for removing coatings from the surface of the material. Such marking requires a high temperature which also results in vaporization above the surface of the substance. For instance, to process anodized aluminum, the method is useful in developing standardized marking pattern, and text will be visible properly. Also, the surface of the material will remain undamaged.

Operating Procedures

The laser engraving machine can easily work via software programs. You can put the graphic or picture in the computer software. Or you can take a photo, scan it and import the photo to the software then change it with grayscale and configure the laser engraving speed and send it for printing.


  • Engraving material range: All kinds of metals and some non-metal material.
  • No need consumptions just connect an electric power source to put in operation.
  • Contains air cooling system.
  • Graphics Format accepts PLT, DXF.
  • Easy to use by software.
  • Laser power: 10W/20W/30W/50W/60W.


Laser marking machines are used to engrave materials across several industries. Its laser technology is used to mark all types of metals. It includes platinum, bronze, silver, brass, ceramics, etc.

The machine can also cut metals and does not need to add any extensions for cutting fabric, paper, Sintra (styrene expanded PVC) and Mylar (thin polycarbonates).

These machines also mark synthetic materials, plastics, marble, leather, glass, acrylic, wood and coated metals. Laser marking machine is also used to design and create beautiful pieces of wood, art, furniture, awards, plaques, backs of lockets and watches, inside the bangles and ring and many other components of jewelry, etc.

Industries such as medical and engineering also employ laser marking machines for engraving their products. Parts are marked directly to avoid placing labels on the items.

Some OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) uses this marking technology over glass windows and doors. The machine is effective to mark serial numbering, logos, ANSI information, date, line and part numbers, data matrix, barcodes, product codes over the articles etc.


Save Labor Cost: Manufacturers can easily operate the machine without having to incorporate a huge labor force. Each unit can easily be handled by a single person.

Consistent Quality Processing: State of art technology avoids damages.

Low Error Frequency: Software executes the entire operations. Therefore, the frequency of error is too low.

Speed: Laser machine marks products at high speed, i.e., milliseconds per character.

Additionally, laser engraving machines do not need any toxic chemicals for marking and engraving. It is one of the major benefits of using laser engraving machine over old methods of marking articles.

When the machine is working, it does not discharge any dust or dirt. It doesn’t need any heavy or extensive service maintenance. It’s cost effective to operate and install.

By deploying laser technology, one can mark, etch, and inscribe the products with more flexibility and control. The curved surface cannot be an obstacle to laser marking machine.

Packing and Delivery

Such machines are packed in wooden case, and delivery is done by air courier such as DHL, FedEx, etc

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