All You Need to Know About Dot Peen Marking Systems - HS Marking
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All You Need to Know About Dot Peen Marking Systems

dot peen marking

Earlier, marking the items was challenging task for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) on their products and equipment. But with the passage of time, progress in technology brings dot peen marking machine.

The dot peen marking machine is efficient in engraving and marking graphics, text, logo, and numbers over the products. Now, manufacturers don’t need to take the support of temporary methods of engraving or marking through inks or labels. The DPM Machine enables the user to imprint the article effectively over the item that exists permanently.

Mark any shape and Size of the Product

The dot peen marking technology is one of the most reliable technologies in the marking industry. The machine is capable of executing an endurable mark over the objects by leaving small dots at specific points over the object where marking is required.

Afterwards, it forms a line over these dots. It can be straight or curve as per the requirement of the user. This curve enables to develop logos, alphabets, numbers, and graphics efficiently. The dot peen marking machine is comprised of sophisticated technology, therefore, it does not require to exert high pressure over the object during the marking process. In this way, it also avoids chances of damaging the article to be marked.
Smart Solution for Marking Data Matrix Codes

Data matrix codes are used now a day on several things from pen flexes to airplane parts. DMC (Data Matrix Codes) is used for storing big data in a small space as well as in an ample space. Such code can be easily crafted by dot peen marking machines. The machine is capable of drafting the code as little as 3 cm and as big as 3 feet.
Besides, all the processes that are executed by Dot Peen Marking Machine, it ensures accuracy and avoids errors while marking the product.

Dot Peen Marking Machine Plays the Role of Game Changer

The dot peen marking machine carries state of the art technology that enables the machine to mark anything over non-metal and metal components effectively. It does not take the risk of dots misalignment. Dot Peen Marking Machine plays the vital role to give a unique identification to the product which can be further used for data collection and inventory count.

Therefore DPM is capable to engrave marks over the product with error-free quality and facilitate the manufacturer to meet his branding needs through efficient marking. These qualities make the Dot Peen Marking Machine as a game changer in the marking industry.

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