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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

HS Marking offers Fiber laser marking machine ensure useful engraving and marking requirements of original manufacturers and industrialists. It is the sophisticated technology fits with Galvo imported scanner. Along with Galvo scanner, it enables fiber laser system to work faster in the execution of marking function. It can quickly mark the area of 100mm x 100mm. The machine can promptly label various types of materials at the speed of less than equal to 9000mm/s. However, the fiber mechanism can dig more in-depth diverse articles at less than equal to ≤0.1mm.

The fiber laser marking machine does not only save labor cost and generate revenue. But on another side, they play the vital role in protecting the environment and preserving energy. Similarly, these machines help technical personnel of factory and workshop premises to do their job more efficiently.

Fiber laser technologies are cost-effective that ensure long-lasting engravings over your products without damaging the object.

Also, the operational cost is not too high. The mechanism that is working in the machine can use electric power with fiber laser technology. In this way, the combination of laser and electronic technology produce high tech marking strength. Consequently, technology allows saving maintenance cost plus replacement cost of components. Therefore, less energy and money is required to run the machine.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine Range

There are different types of material across several industries which make it challenging for procurement people to choose the right fiber laser  machine.

Key Features of Fiber Laser Technology

It is essential for one to determine the key features of fiber laser  machine so one can easily distinguish the fiber laser from non-fiber laser machine.

The key features are its markings are

  • Durable
  • Easily readable
  • Can easily operate at high temperature
  • Minimal possibilities of parts replacement
  • It is easy to install and can move from one place to another.

You do not need to re-configure your entire production line for installing fiber laser marking machine. The machine is flexible enough to integrate into your assembly line.  There are many other marking machines they are not portable, and the ones that are portable do not carry the same features of fiber laser machine that are discussed above.

Fiber Laser Technology Type

Such laser marking systems fall into the category of solid-state pulse laser technology. There are three types of technology in solid-state pulse once you know you can easily separate the fiber laser one from the other two.

i) ND-Yag: Typically used for marking small characters on products. Its beam light is M2= 1.2

ii) Vanadate: can release wavelengths at three points of variation. They are used for HAZ applications

iii) Fiber laser: Its beam light is M2=1.7, and its average wavelength is 1064±10nm. Capable of producing big spot with high power density. Even it can mark the stainless steel. Suitable for all types.

Note: M2 is a scientific value which denotes the smallest size of the spot it can create. Here, remember the wavelength and M2 value of fiber laser machine and you can also ask the supplier can it mark stainless steel? In this way, you will have the clear picture of the selection of laser machine.

Multi-Mode or Single Laser Mode

There are two categories of fiber lasers -multi-mode and single mode. Multi-mode comprises of lower intensity of the beam and can apply on large spot sizes. They are used to engrave large product components. However, Single laser mode delivers narrow and high beam intensity. It is ideal for micromachining and cutting materials into fine pieces.

If you are looking to mark products multimode is best, and if you need to cut articles, then single is the right choice. If you need both features, opt for double laser mode features of fiber laser machine.

Marking Resolution

Excellent quality of marking relies upon the marking resolution of the machine. The average resolution of the fiber laser is 1064nm lasers which offer resolution around 18 microns.

Other Important Elements

  • It is environment-friendly with the compact design.
  • The machine allows convenience and high flexibility.
  • It carries excellent air cooling mechanism.
  • The fiber laser technology is competent to support workloads 24/7.


The machine can mark efficiently copper, brass, stainless steel, titanium, rubber, epoxy resin, coated metal, plastics and electroplating materials, etc. The fiber laser technology can mark the date, time and numbers on the given manufacturing products. These mechanisms can mark QR codes, 2D Codes, and Barcodes easily. However, the machine can also engrave logos, graphics, and special symbols too.

The manufacturers of various products can also consider cost leadership strategy execution while using such machines for their manufacturing and marking purpose. In the corporate world, multiple companies focus on capturing market share with different strategies. However, some focus on decreasing their production and machine cost. These machines can play the crucial role in reducing production and labor cost of the manufacturer. Because the device can efficiently operate by one man saves labor cost plus lowers operational and maintenance cost of the organization.

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