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Engraving And Marking Technologies That Changed the Industry

Engraving and marking are two really important tasks, and both require ultimate precision with clarity. There are no chances of fixing the mistakes, and the whole process has to be redone even if there is a minor slip up. But with the new machines and upgraded equipment, the tasks are becoming easier and results accurately.

Laser Wood Engraving Machine Making It Easy

With the improving technology and innovations, every industry is being modified. Same goes to the sector of wood works. The ability to change raw materials into something beautiful has never been an easy task, but now with Laser Wood Engraving Machine, it has become a tireless job. The precision laser gives is remarkable and unmatched.

wood engraving machine

It opens the doors to the beautiful artistic opportunities as wood can now be engraved intricately without the fear of chipping away the material. This machine opens up a new world of better-designed products. It is used to engrave everything from primary wooden bookmarks to classy high-end furniture.

A concentrated beam of light is used to heat the wood at an extremely high temperature that it evaporates. As a result, the cut is clean and smooth that cannot be imitated by other wood engraving tools. The smoke emitted as the Laser Wood Engraving Machine works is actually the super heated wood.

This technology is changing the dynamics of wood engraving industry by allowing intricacy, patterns, designs, texts, drawings, and graphics that were not possible previously. The whole process has been made time-saving and a lot more effortless than it has been before. This has proved to be a dream come true for the woodworkers.

Dot Peen Marking Machine Bringing Accuracy

This machine created depressions in the material with the vibrating tool to create a series of points which forms two types of marking: direct marking, and permanent and temper proof marking. Dot Peen Marking Machine do not burn the material it merely pushes it back. The material weighs the same before and after the marking, and no shavings are produced.

Dot peen marking machine

No matter how thick the material might be this technology would not create any breakage points in it. Dot Peen Marking Machine is suitable for all applications as it creates deep and fast markings in raw materials as well as correct Data matrix codes on small surfaces. The precision this machine brings is fantastic.

There are several benefits of the Dot Peen technology as it is economical, efficient, productive, easy to use, independent, and multipurpose. It requires no consumables and reduces the cost to significant low. It can mark all types of surfaces and shapes. The markings of this machine are superbly fast and very clear.

Dot Peen increases the production capacity while reallocating the labour resources. It is accurate, so naturally, it eliminates the hassle of reworking, scrap, and testing that was due to improper product identification. The marking from Dot Peen Marking Machine remain consistent and also allows automation of the entire process.

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