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Dot Peen Marking Machine

Dot peen marking machines are one of the most effective marking solutions of HS Marking that offer high quality of marking across all materials. Whether you are looking for an automatic marking system for your manufacturing unit or a reliable engraving machine for branding purpose, HS Marking offers a wide variety of dot peen equipment with robust and top-notch functional solutions to meet your requirements effectively.

Why do you Prefer Dot Peen Marking Machine?

Choosing dot peen marking machine means you are upgrading technology in your production process. Dot peen solutions can enhance productivity while decreasing your turnover cost. On the other hand, you will be enjoying the enduring marks over the products by eliminating the possibilities of reversals in marking due to improper engraving.

Machine Operating Procedure

The dot peen marking machine functions via making dots and designs while engraving on the surface of the material. It leaves tiny dots on the surface of the object like text, numbers, codes, dates, graphics, etc. to create a particular r design. It has a sophisticated system that does not require exerting high pressure on the object which is engraved. The best part is that it can peen anything to execute complex graphical shapes. For this reason, dot peen machines are best for marking because they avoid all sorts of damages around the object.


  • The Controller mechanism is integrated with touch screen and software.
  • Product lifecycle is long enough.
  • Performance is fast, and executes results in clear marking.
  • Convenient to bring into play and easy to move.
  • Wide Range of customized options.
  • Easy to Install

Choose Your Marking Machine

There are four different types of dot peen marking machines. You can select them by identifying which one is the right fit for you. The details of each type are mentioned below:

Benchtop Dot Peen Machines

It is efficient in producing marks on the flat surface of the articles. Customization and personalized options are available for the user. Markings are bright and durable. It’s easy to use and install. Benchtop Dot Peen marking machine is generally utilized for engraving letters, tags, plates and tools in metalworking and automotive industry.

Portable Dot Peen Machines

The portable dot peen systems are light in weight. They can move from one place to another easily, and it is used in marking large products. It consists of electronic marking technology that does not require any air compressor. Portable dot peen markers are usually used to employ over products whose surfaces are uneven. They are well suited for the products parts that are heavy and large.

CNC Integrated Dot Peen Machines

These machines are easily integrated and installed into production lines because they can work automatically for marking parts and commodities effectively. You can easily operate the machine via touchscreen software on the marking unit. CNC integrated dot peen markers are excellent for deep marking on the surface of metal parts.


The Dot peen marking machines are widely used among various industries. The most common consumption of these machines in industries is automotive industry, aerospace material and metal processing objects. Dot peen marking machines can produce effective engraving and markings on wood, paper, plastic parts and metal stuff. The level of hardness is less than HRC60.



  • Dot marking solutions create permanent marks.
  • Carries excellent marking depth.
  • Markings are found highly visible in most of the applications
  • Cost effective technology
  • Marking is based on low stress. It avoids high stress that can damage the object.

Peen marking allows the user to create the brand name, logo, barcode, data matrix and text over the articles. It uses pneumatic or electric pressure which activates the pins penetrating into the surface of the object you are marking.  In this way, it gives deep and permanent marking which will be long-lasting and readable after painting.

Employing a peen system is an excellent way to brand your company name on products that you manufacture.  You can produce a unique logo on the back of your wooden crafts or tiny parts of your product. Dot peen engravings can also be applied at the backside of artwork on canvas or paper.

These engravings can easily control the marking depth. It is cheaper and effective than chemical etching technique and much faster than manual engraving. Once you have designed the mark, you can easily copy and employ the same mark over other products by programming the machine software.

The bottom line is

Dot peen marking machines are grown widely across various industries time by time. These machines are labor saving systems as it can be easily operated by a single person. The dot peen machine is usually packed in a wooden case. However, it can be delivered by sea or by air depends upon the customer requirement.

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