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Difference between Laser Marking & Laser Engraving Machine

Although these terminologies are often used interchangeably and seem similar, in fact, they are different from each other. Each process contains different attributes and applications that make it perfect for different jobs. Let’s have a look at the characteristics of each method separately.

The Laser Marking Process

Laser marking process exists when laser marking machine produces a beam that reacts with the surface of the material, slightly changing its properties. The features include:

  • It is achieved by moving the low powered beam slowly across the article surface. This method is called discoloration as it creates high contrast marks.
  • The laser heats up the object that causes oxidation beneath the surface and turns the material black.
  • It can be easily applied in low temperatures to metal for surface annealing process.
  • Laser process assures that the surface of the material remains undamaged after marking.

The Laser Engraving Process

In laser engraving, the beam of the laser physically removes the material surface to uncover the cavity that shows up an image at the level of the eye.

• The laser generates a high degree of heat during engraving process which causes the article to vaporize.
• Its process is pretty quick as material vaporizes with each pulse.
• This creates a prominent cavity into the surface that can be easily seen and touched.
• To create deeper marks, repeat engraver with several passes.

How Laser Engravings differs from Laser Markings

laser engraving

Laser engraving is the subsection of laser marking. It is the most common option for anyone on a lookout to have their products personalized. When you have engraved the material, you can merely feel the difference of engraved material as it creates a new depth into the article. One can engrave a wide variety of materials including glass, leather, wood, plastics, metals etc. Once the surface has been engraved, the engravings can never be rubbed off. The image below represents logo engraving over aluminum products.

As compared to laser engravings, laser marking is a specialized process that makes it more of a luxe option that limited companies offer. In this process, when an article is processed, the material is marked with such elegance that you can’t feel anything upon running fingers over it. A laser marking works best with metals. Take a look at beautiful stainless steel markings so you can have a better idea of what your markings would seem like. In this regard, laser engraving machine for metal is highly demanding among many manufacturers.

laser engraving machine

The bottom line is

The difference between laser engraving and laser marking is the style, touch, and furnishing that appear upon the material after the process.

Which option of laser process one should go for depends upon the materials in use and nature of the project. For some projects, markings are best to choose where you need attractive aesthetic. Markings usually call for branding needs as it makes an article eye-catchy owing to a firm and clear carving. Companies use it generally for labeling their brand names, logos, and symbols over the product for core marketing needs.

Engravings are also excellent to implement when you need enduring marks especially on product parts that are exposed to roughest conditions.

Therefore it’s highly significant to determine the difference in each technique to make the right decision.

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