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Common Mistakes and Misconceptions about Engraving

Engraving is a skill set that can be achieved after significant experience and training. Either you use metal engraving machine for marking articles or any other laser machine, the entire process is filled with possible pitfalls. That’s why training is conducted in different organizations to avoid pitfalls and ensure efficient engraving over materials.

Let’s take a look at common engraving mistakes and how can we avoid them.

Spelling Mistakes

Confirm the spelling of the data or names; you are going to engrave. Just don’t depend on your memory. It’s better to note down in the computer sheet. When you are executing command for engraving an article, cross-check the spelling of the name or data. Once you are sure, then go ahead for engraving.

Check the date before engraving because once you have imprinted the wrong date on the material, then it cannot be erased.

Confusing Engraving with Printing

Engraving is entirely different from printing. It does not use any part of ink to complete its carving process. Engraving machines use lasers to burn off a layer of the surface and diamonds are deployed to engrave the surface of the materials.

Assuming all types of metal surfaces can be used for engraving

Some manufacturers and technicians project over-confidence on engraving process that every surface of the metal can be engraved which is false. If a metal surface is rough, the engraving process cannot be executed. Engraving process works where metallic surfaces are plated if the surface of the metal is rough it will not allow metal engraving machine to carve the material.

Assumption of Engraving all Types of Gifts

All the gifts cannot be marked. We have experimented to bring all the gifts to the award shop for carving purpose. But the store merchant said, “Gifts cannot be carved out.” The best example is “watches” in this case. If you want to mark your engravings on a gift watch, it’s not possible because manufacturer has already marked his brand and lots of data matrix on the steel back of the watch which leaves no space for further engravings

It can be Re-done and Buffed Out

Along with other assumptions, some co-workers of marking industry believe that metals can be buffed out and re-engraved. However, the rule does not apply to all the metals only solid metals can be re-done and buffed out. Plated surfaces of the metals cannot be buffed. Engravings can be re-done on materials such as silver or gold as they are high-quality materials.

Believing that a Design cannot be Engraved

If you want to mark a particular design on the article, and approached engraver, and engraver said such a design could not be engraved it means the engraver is not capable to mark that particular design. Remember, almost any text or design can be carved onto metal, provided that engraver is skilled enough.

These are the common mistakes that are associated with the engraving industry and processes. If you are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and engraver make sure to avoid these assumptions and mistakes to make out most of the engraving process.

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