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How CO2 Laser Marking Machine is Making a Difference

CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Have you ever noticed brand logos, barcode, text, and data in different formats that are imprinted over different products such as TV, refrigerators, switch, washing machines, bottles, keyboard, and clothes?

All of them are marked by Co2 laser marking machines. In the past, technical personnel used to label or mark the article through ink or paper which was more likely to fade or tear and contain security risks too. The marking and engraving tasks were too complicated and were not an error-free job.

However, due to advancement and progress in technology, CO2 laser marking machine has been found as an ideal solution.

What is Laser Marking Technology

CO2 laser marking machine contains laser marking technology. Laser marking technology is a process of leaving marks on articles via laser technology. In CO2 laser marking machine, the marks are created without using ink or any other tools to characterize the product.

The CO2 laser marking machine uses the high power of laser tube which generates high speed for marking and engraving products. This laser tube is exceptionally durable its product lifecycle is beyond 20,000 hours. The CO2 LMM also comprises of sophisticated and coherent metal laser generator RF tube. In addition, it also contains top-notch qualified optical components in the machine.

Due to these specifications, it results in precise, fast, accurate, firm, clear, beautiful and permanent labels and marking over the articles. The laser marking machine can efficiently function with Photoshop, AutoCAD, and essential designing software.

Advantages of CO2 Laser Marking Machine

  • The laser technology enables the CO2 laser marking machine to support workload 24/7. The machine also contains stable laser electronic source with auto-controlling features. These features allow the machine to perform marking operations efficiently during mass manufacturing along the production line.
  • The CO2 LMM Machine does not waste any consumable materials.
  • The customization options are also available with the CO2 laser marking machine.
  • The CO2 LMM contains laser optic system fully sealed. It is free of maintenance thus saves your cost of maintenance.
  • The installation process is easy to execute with no adjustments.


Its applications are wide across various products and industries. It can easily use for engraving purpose in the paper card, leather engraving, cloth marking, acrylic engraving, plastics marking, wood engraving, etc.
The scope of applications covers the major portion of non-metal materials like bamboo, leather, paper, buttons, stone, mirror, plastic sheets, etc. However, nonmetal products include glasses, craftworks, drinking packages, medicines and electronic components.

The machine is highly significant for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Because it can save the cost of operations, labor, and maintenance along with meeting the entire marking and branding needs of the manufacturer.

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