Metal Engraving Machine Manufacturer for Sale in Cheap Price
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Metal Engraving Machine Manufacturers

HS Marking supply variable marking solutions and metal engraving machine for different industrial such as automotive, package, metal working . We also will offer good solutions for different materials marking and engraving such as stainless steel, wood, brass, iron, plastic.

Customized Marking Solutions

We understand how different industries operate with varying product requirements. A good proportion of our clients ask for specific marking solution other than standard options. To successfully address the diverse needs of our clients our R&D team has developed expertise and vital knowledge to come up with customized marking technologies.

Products not only vary in material but also size, shape and design. Complex design and shapes are hard to handle when marking solutions offer little or no flexibility. Our technical experts entertain all requests for customized marking solutions associated with automation, integration, packaging and any unique applications.

In a nut shell, customized marking and Metal Engraving Machine in best quality are offered to our clients. The aim behind is to deliver the most suitable marking technology with a result oriented approach in most competitive prices.


Our marking equipment is specifically designed to address industrial marking requirements that vary in various aspects of industrial operation. For a stable performance throughout we have carefully designed the machines with a sturdy chassis and easy to handle design. Incorporation of a rugged and heavy duty system with-in allows for optimum performance even under harsh industrial environments.

What set our marking machines apart is the accuracy and high-precision functioning that caters to permanent marking, leaving a highly sophisticated aesthetic of graphics, text and digits. Our high-end marking systems are aimed towards serving diverse industries. To serve the purpose well, our product range is designed to mark different materials including metal, glass and wood.

HS Marking is recognized as a reputable manufacturer of marking system across various industries domestically and across borders. Industries that we have been successfully serving over the years include aerospace industry, electronic industry, automotive industry, military defense industry, metal processing industry, medical industry and energy industry.

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Aim - HS Marking
Who We Are
HS Marking prides itself for bringing the most innovative, versatile and low cost marking machines into play. With 10 years of experience and expertise over Direct Marking Technologies we have successfully captured 50% of China’s Dot Peen Marking machine market. Our mission is geared towards providing our customer base with a top notch platform where product manufacturers can explore endless product marking and branding possibilities.

We strive to keep up with a customer-centric approach and ensure utmost satisfaction throughout the buying cycle by providing the most advanced marking solutions, competitive prices and a speedy delivery service.

Our Products

Our product line is carefully designed to provide our customers with ability to customize marking solutions as per their specific need. We offer super flexible and high precision product marking machines and metal engraving machine that incorporate almost every kind of Text, Logo, Data Code and even Graphics on a wide range of makeable materials. Some of the major marking solutions from our product catalogue include Metal Engraving Machine, Wood Engraving Machine and Fiber Laser Marking Machine.

We understand the value of trust that our customers place in us and in return we don’t settle for anything less than ‘best’ when it comes to serving them.
Our corporate venture houses professional grade technicians and a strong workforce with skills having no match in product marking industry. In addition, our strong knowledge in product marking industry and experience in working with state of the art technologies makes us able to lower operating costs, in turn; our customers get the most competitive prices.

A prolonged experience with manufacturers from different industries made us able to recognize all the untapped marking solutions that have been crucial for our clients. With viable knowledge and expertise we have evolved over time and came up with some of the most innovative marking solutions to provide our customer base with easy-to-use and reliable marking machine having no match.

Offer - HS Marking
Experience and Quality - HS Marking
Our Experience and Quality

HS Marking hands over the best product marking solutions from CO2 Laser Marking Machine to other advanced tracing solutions that caters to unbeatable branding. Specialty and promotional products provides a base for strong branding especially when they are marked with perfectly crafted logos, graphics and text. We aim to serve your crucial branding strategy with a product line that strongly adheres to international quality standards and complies with CE and ISO 9001:2008 certifications.

We are involved with Marking and Metal Engraving Machines from quite a long time and serve a huge customer base not just domestically but also across the borders including Europe, America, Asia and other countries. What makes us reliable is our customer support team that is readily available for assistance 24/7.



Product manufacturers require a permanent marking solution for identify and traceability purpose and to meet this consistently rising demand we deal in specialized dot peen marking technology that offers 100% reliable part traceability.

Our Dot Peen marking products feature a pointed stylus that allows manufacturers to automate the direct marking process and incorporate logos, text, graphics and other marks on the products.

Laser Marking System

Laser Marking System

HS Marking offers Laser marking products grounded on innovative laser technology used for permanent engraved marking on products. It’s extremely reliable owing to the safety, speed and quality that is designed to serve.

Our Laser Marking range is specifically designed according to the properties of the material to be marked with text, logo or any other pattern.

CNC Engraving Machine

CNC Engraving Machine

Our CNC engraving machines are designed for product manufacturers that allow them to master the art of cutting or carving grooves in face of characters. It’s comprised of a rotating tool in a motorized spindle that allows 3D cutting, engraving, milling and marking, thanks to the high-speed 3-axis motion.

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